Mitsubishi Offers a Sneak Peek at the 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander

2022 Mitsubishi Outlander Sneak Peek | Lafayette, LA

The Mitsubishi Outlander has consistently been a trend-setter in terms of design for its segment. Mitsubishi is getting ready to update the look of this trend-setter, and has just released a sneak peek at the 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander.

From what we can tell, the next-generation Mitsubishi Outlander is in store for some major changes.

First and foremost, the 2022 Outlander will incorporate elements from the latest Mitsubishi design language throughout its exterior. This includes a more robust front end based around the Dynamic Shield design language.

The new Outlander will also be larger than previous iterations of the model, more closely resembling a large SUV or truck than a smaller crossover. This means a more rugged, yet still refined look throughout.

Its larger size likely means a roomier interior, as well. Considering that the current Mitsubishi Outlander model already offers plenty of space to drivers and their passengers, that’s certainly saying something.

Details about the 2022 Outlander outside of its exterior look is scarce at the moment. What we do know is that the new Outlander will come with a new engine under the hood, making it even more exciting to drive.

Mitsubishi is set to reveal even more details about this new Outlander later this month. We here at Hampton Mitsubishi will be at the ready to share those details with you as soon as they are released.

Are You Installing Your Child Car Seat Correctly in Your Mitsubishi?

Installing Your Child's Car Seat In Your Mitsubishi | Lafayette, LA

Mitsubishi SUVs and crossovers are very safe vehicles, but in order to properly protect your family, it’s important that your child car seats are correctly installed. Since we at Hampton Mitsubishi have seen that car seat installation is often done improperly on many Mitsubishi vehicles, we’d like to offer these suggestions so that you can avoid common mistakes.

  • Slide the belts through the correct slots. Because today’s car seats are made to adapt as your child grows, there are many ways to fasten them in place. Make sure you check the directions so you’re not securing the seat incorrectly.
  • Make sure it’s tightened enough. If the car seat wiggles around when you tug on it, it’s too loose. Pull the belts tight so they keep the seat secure. At most, the seat should only move an inch back and forth when you jostle it.
  • Use the LATCH system. All new Mitsubishi models like the Eclipse Cross come with the LATCH system. It’s a network of straps and hooks specifically made for fastening infant car seats. If you’re not utilizing this tool, you’re missing out on a vital safety offering in your car.

If you’re a young parent in Lafayette, Louisiana, who’s shopping for an affordable family vehicle, we encourage you to visit Hampton Mitsubishi. We have a selection of safe, low-priced vehicles like the Outlander in stock right now.

2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Is Getting Dynamic Upgrades

Mitsubishi Cross | Lafayette, LA

For 2022, the sporty and efficient Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross at Hampton Mitsubishi will show off improved driving dynamics to go along with its stylish makeover.

The new Eclipse Cross is more responsive and fun to drive than ever thanks to carefully tuned springs in its front MacPherson strut suspension and rear multilink suspension. The vehicle also features enlarged rear suspension absorbers for greater comfort. These changes combine with Mitsubishi’s advanced Super All-Wheel Control technology to provide outstanding control and mobility in a wide variety of driving situations.

Under the hood, the 2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross carries over its 1.5-liter MVEC direct-inject turbo four-cylinder engine. It’s made from aluminum to decrease weight and increase the crossover’s fuel efficiency. This engine is mated to a continuously variable transmission with an eight-speed sports mode to maximize your enjoyment behind the wheel.

The new Eclipse Cross is just as fun to look at as it is to drive, sporting an aggressive, streamlined exterior with a redesigned headlamp arrangement, front bumper guard, and tailgate.

The 2022 Eclipse Cross will be available in early 2021 here at Hampton Mitsubishi in Lafayette, Louisiana. Looking to buy now? You can get a great deal on the current 2020 Eclipse Cross in stock as we make room on our lot for the new model.

Our Favorite Things to Do in Lafayette

things to do in Lafayette

Whether you are a long-time resident of Lafayette, Louisiana, or just passing through, our hometown has something for you. Here are just a few of our favorite things to do in Lafayette:

Visit Acadian Village

Step back into Louisiana’s Cajun roots at Acadian Village. Don’t forget to pick out some homemade candy at the General Store!

Take the Kids to Zoosiana

Zoosiana is our local zoo and features wonderfully interactive exhibits and hosts fun seasonal events throughout the year. It’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon with the kiddos.

Tour the Swamps of LeBlanc

If you didn’t get enough authentic Cajun-ness from your visit to Acadian Village, run over to our neighbors in Saint Martinville and take a swamp tour. From the safety of your speedboat, a real swamp-man will talk you through all the beautiful waterfowl, monstrous gators, gorgeous foliage, and swamp history.

Devour a Shrimp Poor Boy at Olde Tyme Grocery

Of all the things to do in Lafayette, this one might be the tastiest. Stop by Olde Tyme Grocery and order the shrimp poor boy – you won’t regret it.

Stop in at Hampton Mitsubishi

Whether you’re popping in for some standard maintenance for your beloved “Mitsu” or checking out our wide-ranging stock of brand new models, a stop at Hampton Mitsubishi is always a good thing to do in Lafayette.

Hampton Mitsubishi Supports the Community as a Proud Member of Hampton Auto

Hampton Mitsubishi

At Hampton Mitsubishi, we’re proud to support the local Lafayette community as well as be part of Hampton Auto. We think community involvement is of the utmost importance, and we’re constantly striving to help those in need and make the Lafayette community the very best it can be. Here are a few recent highlights of Hampton Auto’s support of the community.

  • Recently, Fran and Mark Hampton made a $10,000 donation to United Way to help flood victims. As Mark said, “Acadiana has been so good to all of us and this is just a way in hopes of paying back this community that we love so much!”
  • In 2016, Hampton Toyota — a sister dealership to Hampton Mitsubishi — was named the Best of 2016 Lafayette Auto Dealer. Every year, the Lafayette Award Program selects the best local businesses around in terms of business growth, customer care and service, and community involvement. We’re very proud that Hampton Toyota was named to this elite list.
  • In 2014, Hampton Toyota proudly took part in the Patriot Guard Riders Care Package Drive. The Patriot Guard Riders work tirelessly to support the families and attend the funerals of fallen service members: U.S. military, firefighters, and police. The Care Package Drive collects items such as blankets, toiletries, and other items we use daily and monetary donations to build the care packages, delivering these packages to veterans and other retired service members living in Lafayette’s local nursing homes. At Hampton Mitsubishi, we proudly stand with and serve those who have served us.