Are You Installing Your Child Car Seat Correctly in Your Mitsubishi?

Installing Your Child's Car Seat In Your Mitsubishi | Lafayette, LA

Mitsubishi SUVs and crossovers are very safe vehicles, but in order to properly protect your family, it’s important that your child car seats are correctly installed. Since we at Hampton Mitsubishi have seen that car seat installation is often done improperly on many Mitsubishi vehicles, we’d like to offer these suggestions so that you can avoid common mistakes.

  • Slide the belts through the correct slots. Because today’s car seats are made to adapt as your child grows, there are many ways to fasten them in place. Make sure you check the directions so you’re not securing the seat incorrectly.
  • Make sure it’s tightened enough. If the car seat wiggles around when you tug on it, it’s too loose. Pull the belts tight so they keep the seat secure. At most, the seat should only move an inch back and forth when you jostle it.
  • Use the LATCH system. All new Mitsubishi models like the Eclipse Cross come with the LATCH system. It’s a network of straps and hooks specifically made for fastening infant car seats. If you’re not utilizing this tool, you’re missing out on a vital safety offering in your car.

If you’re a young parent in Lafayette, Louisiana, who’s shopping for an affordable family vehicle, we encourage you to visit Hampton Mitsubishi. We have a selection of safe, low-priced vehicles like the Outlander in stock right now.