Mi-TECH CONCEPT Information: Why It’s a Big Deal

At the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, Mitsubishi turned heads and generated buzz with the unveiling of the new Mitsubishi Mi-TECH CONCEPT. An insanely advanced and exceptionally stylish hybrid off-road dune buggy concept, Mitsubishi’s latest innovation proves that the automaker is set on taking the automotive industry to bold new heights.

The Mi-TECH CONCEPT features a unique drivetrain that can run on a variety of fuel types, including diesel or ethanol, teasing that Mitsubishi is interested in exploring a greater diversity of drivetrains in the near future.

Another big development in the Mi-TECH CONCEPT is a new Human Machine Interface system, which displays data gathered through a system of sensors. Mitsubishi also hinted that the concept would boast an augmented reality Head-Up Display that would help the driver operate with confidence in difficult visibility situations.

While the Mi-TECH CONCEPT is strictly a concept that won’t be available for our customers, it does hint at all of the things Mitsubishi is cooking up. If the Mi-TECH CONCEPT information is any indication of where Mitsubishi is headed, we can all except to see some seriously stylish, mind-blowing advanced, and exceptional fun vehicles from Mitsubishi soon.

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