5 Holiday Road Trip Must-Haves

Your holiday road trip doesn’t have to be stressful. Keeping some additional tools and helpful items around can help ensure it goes smoothly.

First Aid Kit

Medical emergencies can happen anywhere, even if the “medical emergency” in question is just a papercut. Have a First Aid Kit stocked with the basics. l like anti-bacterial creams, bandages, painkillers, and gauze. If anyone in your vehicle needs medication, make sure it’s packed. Just leave the more serious stuff to the professionals.


All chargers for mobile devices – from smartphones to gaming devices to tablets and more – should be brought along for the ride.

Portable Jump Starters

Did you know you don’t need two vehicles to jump a car? Portable jump starters fit right into the glove compartment and easily jump your car with the push of a button. Many jump starters even come with USB chargers or built-in flashlights.


Speaking of flashlights, they’re pretty handy to have around, especially if your vehicle breaks down on the side of the road. For the mechanically inclined, flashlights help you see; for those who need assistance, they can be an SOS signal.

Neck Pillow & Blankets

Staying comfortable for a long ride can make a world of a difference. Stay comfy with a travel pillow and some cozy blankets.

If your ride needs help to make it through holiday road trips, contact the service department here at Hampton Mitsubishi.