Lafayette Food Tours Make the Perfect Valentine’s Day Date

Lafayette, Louisiana, is a historic city just off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico with a booming local culinary scene, which means there are endless restaurants you can visit for creative dishes with the freshest surf and turf menus. That’s why there’s no better way to spend your Valentine’s Day than on one of the many Lafayette food tours!

No matter what your favorite cuisine or dish is, you can find a food tour in Lafayette that will cater to you. Lovers of Cajun food can jump on the Cajun Food Tours bus any day of the week and try dishes from six restaurants, all for one low price paid at the beginning of the tour.

Mediterranean Connection is another great tour that will take you around the many restaurants serving authentic, creative foods from Greece, Lebanon, and other countries on the coast of the Mediterranean sea. What’s more romantic than imagining the clear waters and ancient architecture of coastal Europe while you eat?

You can get even more specific and go on a crawfish tour, checking out the best crawfish Lafayette has to offer, or hit the Cajun Boudin Trail to try a wide variety of dishes that include this famous Cajun blood sausage, or sample Lafayette’s many gumbos.

Maybe this Valentine’s Day you’d rather sample a little of everything. Try the Best Food Town tour, named after the title of “Best Food City in the USA” given to Lafayette by USA Today. Or, if you’re looking to fill up on lunch before your evening plans, try the Plate Lunch Experience.

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Car

It’s the time of year for resolutions. While you’re setting your goals for 2019, don’t forget about that one companion who will always be with you along the way—your car. These New Year’s resolutions for your car will help you get a great start to 2019.

Be Fuel Efficient

Are you getting the most out of every tank of gas? There are ways you can optimize your fuel by changing the way your drive. One key is to avoid any degree of aggressive driving, including excessive braking and quick acceleration. All of this uses more fuel than necessary. Another way to cut down on fuel usage is to clean out your car, as the more weight you carry the more gas your vehicle uses.

Don’t Idle

Idling is bad for everyone and everything involved. If you’re going to be stopped for longer than 30 seconds, turn off the engine.

Keep Your Car in Shape

One of your personal resolutions might be to get or stay in shape, but this resolution can apply to your car as well! Make it your 2019 goal to stay on top of car maintenance. Get regular oil changes and check ups, check the tire pressure and oil levels regularly, and keep the exterior and interior of your car clean.

If your car needs a little care to help it survive 2019, contact the service department at Hampton Mitsubishi for an appointment.